6 Top Tips for Saving on Your Home Loan

Securing a perfect home loan is a big achievement but saving money on your home loan could be a challenging aspect. To help you, we have arrived with a few tips to help you know a few ways to save money on your home loan. Let’s get started:

How Can You Save Money on Your Home Loan?

To help you save money, we have a few tips that will put more money in your pocket so you can get home ownership soon.

  • Review Home Loan and Interest Rate

Many of you may think that refinancing a home loan is not the best option, but home loan refinancing could help you save thousands on your loan. Whether you are satisfied with your current repayments or not, it is important to track interest rates that are being offered to customers by lenders. Even a very small reduction in interest rates can help you save money over time. Don’t forget to consider looking at more than just interest rates.

  • Make Extra Repayments

With extra repayments, you can pay off your loan soon. The faster you pay your loan, the less you will have to pay in your home loan interest. The best thing about making extra repayments is that you are not required to be consistent when making extra repayments. You can pay when you have extra cash so you can pay your loan a little faster. However, it is important to check whether your lender allows you to make extra repayments.

  • Avoid Overpaying Fees

When locking your home loan deal, it is important to check that you are not overpaying on fees. Therefore, Star Homeloans always suggests its clients review their loans to ensure that they are paying for the features that they will be using. If you are not using some home loan features, then avoid paying for them. We can match you with lenders that may be offering low to zero-fee home loans so that you can save more money.

  • Connect with an Expert Broker

It would be the best option to reach out to Star Homeloans as we have experienced brokers that can help you set financial goals and can help you save more on your home loan. We have a team of experienced brokers and we can help you avoid paying additional fees to save you money.

  • Review Your Financial Position

It is important for individuals who are taking a home loan to assess their financial conditions. Once you know your financial position, you can better arrange your bill payments. At Star Homeloans, we can help you choose the best home loan option that would match your budget requirements.

  • Consider Offset Account

An offset account is attached to your mortgage, which is a type of savings account. The balance you hold in your offset account is used to reduce the amount you owe on your mortgage. By reducing the amount of principal on your mortgage, the interest you pay decreases, which ultimately helps you pay off your mortgage faster.

How Much Money Should I Have Saved for a Home Loan?

If you are looking to buy a home, then you must have at least a 10%-20% house deposit if you are applying for a home loan. However, some government grants may allow eligible home buyers to buy a home with only a 2% or 5% deposit. Star Homeloans can help you access those government grants.

At What Age You Should Pay Your Mortgage?

If you purchase a house in your early to mid-twenties, then it is estimated that you should pay your mortgage by your 50s-60s.


You can save on your home loan by following all of the above-mentioned tips and tricks. Moreover, you can also reach out to Star Homeloans to know about different home loan options to get homeownership soon.

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