Privacy Policy

We know the information you share with us is private and personal, and we take care of your privacy. It’s important that you feel secure while sharing your personal details with us. It is also important that you understand how we protect your data and when, where, and how we may use your details.

Why do we collect your personal details?

The following are some reasons why we collect your personal details:

  • To know your financial position when you apply for services from us.
  • To ensure your security when you visit our website and to know in which areas of our website people are interested.

In both cases, we may use the information that we collect to offer value-added services to you via direct marketing. These direct marketing offers are designed to make your life easier. However, if you are not interested in receiving those offers, you can let us know when we contact you.

How do we gather your personal details?

Information gathered by Star Homeloans in Australia is gathered via correspondence from you or your organization. This may be through the telephone, email or directly through our website.


To offer need-based services to the clients, sometimes, we may partner with another financial institution to support the services and products we offer. In such situations, or to perform credit checks, we may need to disclose your information. However, before doing so we consult you, we will provide you with the details of the task, and the third party and seeking your permission to do so.

Security and Storage

We are committed to providing full security to your personal data by storing it in a secure system. We may save your data in electronic form or paper. Additionally,

we’ll also take a step to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, modification, unauthorized access, or disclosure.

You may notice changes in our privacy policy from time to time

We always review all our policies and make changes to keep them up to date with the changes in the law, market practice, and technology. Hence, we may update this privacy policy from time to time.

How long do we keep your personal data?

By law, we need to keep your personal information even after you are no longer our client. However, after such time, you can be sure that your personal data will be safely destroyed by us. We may also hold such information about you if it is required for a reason for which you reasonably expect us to keep the information. When that data is no longer required, it will be destroyed.