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Are You Looking for the First Home Buyer Home Loans Sydney?

Buying your own house is a challenging and big deal, and you may have to experience several issues during the process of buying a house. Agree? However, we ensure that by taking help from us, you can complete the whole process smoothly. We are offering you First time home buyer loans in Sydneyto help you get the key to your dream house in your hands soon. We can eliminate the stress of the process of your first home loan with expert financial professionals’ advice and support. Star Homeloans has been serving customers who fall in the category of first home buyers loan, for years.

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The finance journey

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Types of home loans

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How much can I borrow?

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The Finance Journey

At every phase, we at Star Home Loans offer you the best advice with the right option for first buyer home loan, ranging from deposit options available for home loan for first time home buyer to match their requirements and focus on how much they are able to borrow. There are various phases to go through when you decide to buy your first home, such as getting the right home loan, setting a budget, providing required documents, selecting a lender, getting preapproval, buying a property, valuation, approval from a bank, mortgage contract and offer letter, final checks and settlement.

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Many Saving for First Home buyer Home Loan Sydney

Deposit Options

Our financial advisors will help you choose the right deposit option, so you can get your dream house soon. Nowadays, you can keep some savings that can be used for other items, and you can step into the property market sooner than the time needed to save a deposit. There are different deposit options available, such as a low deposit home loan that enables you to buy a property by depositing 5-10 per cent and borrow the rest, a guarantor loan enables you to take a loan up to 105 per cent of the actual purchase price to add buying costs, and the last but not least first home buyer home loan scheme is first home buyer government incentives allow you to access several government incentives.

Many Saving for First Home buyer Home Loan Sydney

Different Types of Home Loans for First Time Buyers

The best first home buyer loans in Sydney come with a variety of options, and we explain each option to you and suggest to you what type of home loan would best match your requirements. The most common types of home loans for first time buyers are variable rate loans indicate that interest rate will change corresponding to the market changes, fixed-rate loans are those loans that will have a fixed interest rate for a set period, and construction loans allow to pay finance in stages as it progresses, and the last but not least guarantor loans will need a guarantor so that he/she can co-sign for finance.

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Document Verfication about Home Loans for First Time Buyer in Sydney

First Home Buyer How much can I Borrow?

We have a number of calculators that help first home buyers to know how much they can borrow while focusing on their current financial situation. You can have a 15-minute call with one of our finance professionals to get answer to your question ‘how much can I borrow for my first home‘. Once this step is completed, our financial professional will gather all required documents from you to determine your financial status to evaluate how much you can borrow and how much you can easily afford.

Document Verfication about Home Loans for First Time Buyer in Sydney

Apply Home Loan For First Time Home Buyer Today

We know there are plenty of challenges while buying a first home and no doubt that it will be one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. It would be beneficial if someone stands by your side throughout the buying first home journey process, ensuring that you understand the whole process.

Being the provider of the best home loans for first home buyers in Sydney, we make customers our first priority because we work for your dreams. With us, you are in safe hands. We know how to turn your dream house into reality. We make 100% effort to get success, and we also have access to various lenders, so you can rely on our services to get the loan that is right for you with the lowest potential rates. Our expert team has a vast knowledge of different types of home loans and can suggest a suitable option to you while considering your requirements.


State governments may impose a charge called stamp duty on the sale of residential property. Fortunately, in many cases, this charge has been exempted or reduced for first-time home buyers. However, there may be certain conditions attached to the exemption packages, so it’s essential to check with your state or territory for more information. Moreover, there are various best home loans for first-home buyers available so make sure to choose the right one.

When you apply for a first time home buyer loan in Australia, you can benefit from the first home owner grant, which aims to promote and support home ownership. It’s important to note that the grant varies in each state and territory, and typically applies only to newly built homes. To maximise the benefits of this grant, it’s advisable to research what your specific state and territory offer. Doing so can make a significant impact on your home-buying journey.

Being a first home buyer, it is important to understand how much you can borrow. Don’t forget that how much you can afford and how much you can borrow are two different things when you apply for the best first home buyer loan. Therefore, you can use our borrowing power calculator to know how much you can borrow.

To get the right and best home loan for first home buyers, it is important to understand key home loan terms. You need to understand the difference between fixed and variable rates, and principal and interest or interest-only repayments.

Generally, you need the following documents when applying for first time home loan:

  • Identification documents
  • Income documents
  • Details about your liabilities and assets
  • Property details
  • Supporting documents

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