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First Home Buyer

Before owning a house, you need to take the first step, and it can be a challenging, exciting, and overwhelming process for you if you are a first home buyer. Star Homeloans broker can remove the burden from your head of your first home loan with professional advice and support. You can get a home loan for your first home and for this, we have made different categories to take the stress out of the process. Those categories are the finance journey, options for deposit, different types of home loans, calculations to know how much you can borrow.

Property Investor

Do you want to invest in property? But does your investment loan meet your long-term goals? If you want to start your property investment journey, but don’t know how and where to start, then Star Homeloans in Australia can help you by providing expert advice. We can assist you to know the strength of your borrowing capacity as we complete a pre-assessment that identifies your current financial status and the right type of loan that would match your strategy for property investment. We have made the process of getting an investment loan easier for you.

Personal Loan

Let us help you with secured and unsecured personal loans. We can help you know how a personal loan can help you achieve your goals much sooner than expected. We have a number of personal loan providers who can fund personal loans for various reasons to match your requirements. You can take a personal loan for house deposit, or other purposes. Personal loans can help you with the following:

  • For debt consolidation
  • Get an unsecured personal loan to buy a new or used car
  • Take a personal loan to make your holidays special
  • Get your house renovated with a personal loan
  • To avoid unnecessary hassle to make your dream wedding amazing, you can take a personal loan
  • Apply for a personal loan to cover any kind of surgery cost or unexpected medical expenses

Car Loans and Equipments Finance

We compare different lenders to help you get the right car loan. At Starhl Home Loans in Australia, we are specialised in providing fast loans for all types of car purchases. Our expert car and equipment finance team can help you get finance for machinery, vehicles, and other equipment to help you reach your financial goals. If you are looking to buy a new car, but you don’t have enough funds, then our team can help you with car loans.

Commercial Property & Business Finance

Are you looking to purchase commercial property or want to grow your business? We can help you by providing commercial property and business loans. We know running a business is a cumbersome task, so we help you smoothly go through the whole process and provide real results. If you are looking for the best commercial loans and business finance, then you can seek expert advice from us. With competitive rates, you can get the finance you need. You can meet your business requirements with business loans from Star Homeloans.  


Have you ever reviewed your mortgage? If you haven’t for more than two years, then chances are high that you are paying too much. We at Star Homeloans help you with refinancing and also answer your questions like when to refinance home loan. We assist our customers to go for refinancing when it is the right time or consolidate their debt if the situations allow. Reviewing your mortgage is quite hard, but with our assistance, it is not really that hard. If you don’t review, then there are high chances that you are missing out on some savings. However, we are here to help you get the best mortgage for your requirements.

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