Stamp Duty Calculator

What is a Stamp Duty Calculator Used for?

Stamp duty is a tax required to pay the state or territory governments for their purposes. Stamp duty calculators can be used by property buyers to get an estimation of the amount of stamp duty that they need to pay for their property purchase. A calculator for calculating stamp duty considers various conditions and factors based on the state in which you are buying a property. In case you are not eligible for any kind of incentives, the calculator will add the cost to your stamp duty. The conditions are set by the corresponding states.

How to Use a Stamp Duty Calculator?

To use this calculator, you need to select the state where you want to buy property. After this, enter all the required details in the calculator. You can also click the ‘Rates and Thresholds’ button to get all the conditions set by the respective states in front of you. Rates and thresholds for the calculator may change according to the state.

The following are the most common states the stamp duty calculator can be used for:

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