Refinance Home Loan in Melbourne: Purpose of Refinancing

Refinance Home Loan in Melbourne: Purpose of Refinancing

If your financial circumstances have changed and your current home loan features are not meeting your financial goals, then this is the right time to refinance a home loan. There might be other types of home loans that may be suited to your financial goals. If you are living in Melbourne and looking to refinance home loan broker in Melbourne, you should read this blog. When you compare different types of home loans, then you may find the best one that would match your requirements. And, this would be the right time to consider refinancing. In this blog, we’ll discuss what benefits you can get if you choose the refinancing option.

What is meaning of Refinancing of Home Loan?

When you refinance a home loan, you close your current home loan and switch to the new one. When you choose a new home loan, then you will have to submit personal and financial details, including pay slips. This process could take a few weeks to be approved. When you choose the refinancing option, you may get some additional features.

Benefits of Refinancing Home Loan in Melbourne

Benefits that you can get by refinancing would depend on your home loan, current situation and opportunities available with a new home loan.

  • Could Reduce Your Monthly Repayments

    If your circumstances have changed in terms of finances, then refinancing could provide you relief. Choosing the best home loan from an existing lender or alternative lender that has a lower interest rate can lower your monthly repayments. When you pay less interest rate, then it can take you closer to owning your own home. You also want to get additional home loan features when refinancing like an offset account or free redraw to reduce your current fees.

  • You can Switch to a Fixed or Variable Rate Home Loan
    Another thing that needs to consider for home loan refinance in Melbourne is the extra features of a new home loan. Whether you will get additional benefits or not, will depend on the options you choose, such as variable or fixed rate home loan. With interest rates remaining low, now you need to switch to a lower variable rate if currently you are on a fixed-rate home loan. On the other hand, you may choose a fixed-rate home loan if you are looking for repayments that would not change.
  • Access Home Equity

    If you are planning for home renovation, paying urgent bills, or holiday – refinancing a home loan will allow you to fund it by accessing some of the money that you have already paid on your current home loan. When you opt for Melbourne refinance home loan option, then you can access equity through refinancing to grab an opportunity to achieve personal financial goals.

  • Debt Consolidation

    You can better manage your repayments by consolidating your debts into one manageable payment. Home loan interest rates are lower than interest rates charged on personal loans and credit cards. When you consolidate all your debts into one, then you can reduce the total amount that you will have to repay every month.

Get Expert Advice When Deciding to Refinance Home Loan in Melbourne

Everyone’s financial circumstances are unique that’s why it is important to get expert advice when you are looking to refinance a home loan. You can seek help from Star Homeloans as we carry a wealth of knowledge regarding refinancing and the advantages offered by different loans. Thus, if you are looking to grab the best home loan refinancing option or your situation has changed, and your current home loan doesn’t allow you to reach your financial goals, contact  Star Homeloans in Australia.


You might be thinking that refinance home loan process is a daunting task, but it should not be if you get the right advice from the right broker. When you got your first home loan after comparing numerous options to ensure you chose the right one. However, the mortgage market is always changing, the home loan you chose previously might have been the right option for you then, but now the question arises whether it is still meeting your needs today. If your answer is no, then you should consider refinancing your home loan, and Home Star Home loans can help you choose the right option as per your requirements.

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