How Much Deposit Do I Need to Buy a House in 2024?

How Much Deposit Do I Need to Buy a House

Buying a new house is a complex process and needs to consider various things. The house-buying process can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the rules and regulations associated with home buying process. If you are looking for home loan options to buy your home, you can also get in touch with Star Homeloans. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the minimum requirement for a house deposit in 2024. Let’s get started:

What is the Minimum Requirement for a Deposit to Buy a House in Australia?

Most lenders accept a minimum house deposit of 5% of the value of the property if you pay the lender’s mortgage insurance (LMI) and you have a strong application. It simply means, that if you have a good credit score, a solid employment history, and a steady income, then you will easily own a house with only a 5% deposit. However, some government schemes might allow you to buy a home with a 5% or 2% deposit, but terms and conditions may apply. You can avoid paying LMI if you apply via the Home Guarantee Scheme with the help of a guarantor.

In simple terms, you would need a $30,000 house deposit to purchase a house of $600,000 and you can borrow $570,000 from the bank. It means your house deposit covers 5% of the property’s value you want to purchase, while the home loan will cover the rest. A 5% house deposit will give you a home loan with an LVR of 95%, called a low-deposit home loan.

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Understanding House Deposits

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a home in Australia is the house deposit. The house deposit is the amount you need to pay when purchasing a property to be eligible for a home loan. The deposit amount is based on certain factors, such as:

  • The value of the property
  • The type of home loan you are looking for
  • Your financial circumstances

However, before any lender considers your home loan application, they will first ask that you have at least 5% of the whole amount.

Learn About the Housing Market

Before you buy a home, Star Homeloans in Australia suggests you understand the housing market in Australia. It involves understanding:

  • Value of the property
  • Interest rates
  • Factors that influence these aspects

It is suggested to seek professional advice when purchasing your first home in Australia so that you can avoid putting yourself in trouble and ensure that you make informed decisions. You can reach out to us as we can help you browse different home loan options by considering your preferences and financial goals. Apart from the housing market and saving for a deposit, it is important to familiarise yourself with the home-buying process.

Impact of Home Loan on House Deposit

  • Once you have saved for a deposit, the next step is getting the right home loan product. It is vital to explore and compare different home loan options to choose the right one that matches your financial situation and needs. Remember, your income, credit score, and other factors will have an impact on mortgage terms.
  • Usually, lenders need a deposit of at least 20% of the property’s purchase price. However, first-home buyers might be eligible to buy a property with a 5% deposit with the help of LMI.
  • Lender’s Mortgage Insurance may vary based on the size of the house deposit and the loan amount.
  • Another factor that influences the house deposit is stamp duty. Stamp duty is a tax that state and territory governments impose on the sale of property. The amount of stamp duty payable depends on the purchase price of the property and the territory or state in which it is situated.
  • If you are a first home buyer and live in Melbourne, then you might be eligible for a first home buyers grant in Melbourne that can help you cover the upfront costs of purchasing a house, including stamp duty and the deposit. FHOG is a financial help given by the government to eligible first-home buyers who are buying or building a new home.


If you are looking to buy a house in Australia with a home loan, you can speak to one of our mortgage brokers at Star Homeloans. We can help you explore and finalise the right home loan product to save more on home loans.

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