Borrowing Power Calculator

What is Borrowing Power?

Borrowing power is the loan amount that you are likely to borrow when you apply for a home loan or personal loan. In some ways, you need to understand your borrowing capacity because the more borrowing capacity you have, the more the loan amount or credit limit you can get.

How does Borrowing Power Calculator Work?

You can get the estimated amount you can borrow as the loan amount with the help of our borrowing power calculator. The loan amount you could borrow depends on various factors, such as:

Apart from this, when you calculate your borrowing capacity, loan eligibility criteria won’t be considered. It doesn’t include any concessions you may be entitled to or any other duties that may apply to your individual circumstances.

Why Should You Calculate Your Borrowing Power?

After calculating borrowing capacity, you can:

If you want to know your exact borrowing capacity, you can contact Star Homeloans. We will also suggest to our customers the right personal loan or home loan products according to their financial circumstances.