Is It Worth Paying a Mortgage Broker?

The property rates are fluctuating. At this time, choosing the wrong property with a high rate could put you in debt for the long run. Here, you need proper guidance and support to choose the right property while considering various factors before buying any property, such as property price, borrowing amount, repayment amount, and much more. This is where the best mortgage broker Melbourne comes to guide you to choose the right property according to your financial goals. Now, the question arises, what do mortgage brokers exactly do and how they can help you? To know the answers to these questions, continue reading this blog.

What is a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker is a person who works as an intermediator between mortgage borrowers, property sellers and lenders. In simple words, they are the matchmakers for people looking for a suitable home loan and lenders trying to get new customers. You can also look for a mortgage broker near you by searching online ‘mortgage broker near me’. However, you can choose Star Home Loans as your mortgage broker as we work across Australia, so you can find us anywhere in Australia.

What are Mortgage Brokers Responsible for?

The primary role of a mortgage broker is to connect property buyers with a mortgage lender. Mortgage brokers are responsible for helping people get loans to buy a home. Once a broker has connected you with the right lender and the lender offers you the right and suitable loan, brokers will be responsible for completing the required paperwork and cooperating between both parties. Home Star Home Loans will be responsible for:

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with both borrowers and lenders
  • Discovering appropriate loan options for the buyer’s circumstances
  • Comparing the interest and fees to show buyers how much they can afford
  • Offering assistance to buyers and exploring the different loan products
  • Helping buyers and lenders complete all the required paperwork
  • Checking the necessary credit score of a buyer
  • Checking the background of a prospective buyer

Is It Worth Paying a Mortgage Broker in Australia?

Deciding if you should choose a mortgage broker for a home loan is the best for you will depend on your financial knowledge and how much you are aware of the property industry. The following are some reasons why you should get help from a mortgage broker:

  • As many of you may know all loans are not the same. There are so many factors involved, such as the type of lenders, choosing between variable, fixed, or split-interest, offset, redraw accounts, and other terms and conditions. A broker will assess your requirements and offer different options to help you choose the best one.
  • You should have someone experienced by your side to clear all your doubts about home loan features, terms and requirements. Star Homeloans is the best mortgage broker Melbourne as we focus on client service and have lots of experience dealing with finance contracts.
  • Completing paperwork is crucial in this process. You can reduce your stress by working with Star Homeloans where we can help you gather all the required documents. We can ensure that your application is complete and has no mistakes.
  • We maintain connections with a panel of 60+ lenders so we can offer you suitable home loan products.
  • In case your first application is not effective, we can help you by having a backup plan.

How Does a Mortgage Broker Get Better Rates?

The mortgage brokers work closely with lenders that’s why they have access to better deals, rates, and loan products. It is also the responsibility of a mortgage broker to negotiate so they can get a better interest rate for your home loan. It completely depends on your financial knowledge whether you need a mortgage broker. However, it would be worth getting help from a mortgage broker when looking for an appropriate home loan. Apart from home loans, if you are looking for a personal loan broker, you can contact us, as we also deal with personal loans.


It would be beneficial to reach a mortgage broker to get the best deal on home loans. You can speak to one of our professional mortgage brokers at Star Homeloans to get the best offer on home loans.

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