Refinance Home Loan Broker: Avoid 5 Refinancing Mistakes

Refinance Home Loan Broker: Avoid 5 Refinancing Mistakes

Homeowners can save a lot of money by refinancing a home loan. However, there is much more to consider than just looking at interest rates and switching lenders. Whatever the reason behind refinancing your home loan, keep one thing in your mind if you are not careful while refinancing, you could make a costly error. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss common mistakes that homeowners must avoid when they refinance their home loans.  

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Working with a Refinance Home Loan Broker 

Most of the time, homeowners make common mistakes while refinancing home loan: 

1. Only focusing on interest rates 

Interest rates have been changing constantly in recent months, so getting the best interest rate is the top priority for many people. However, there is a lot more to consider than just looking at home loan interest rates. Apart from interest rates, you should also consider other features, such as a redraw facility or offset account.

2. Not considering fees and costs 

When switching to a different home loan, homeowners need to consider all costs, not just interest charges. Many people don’t look at the fees and costs associated with refinancing home loans, which is a huge mistake. You can ask a refinance home loan mortgage broker about the fees involved. 

3. Not consolidating debt 

When refinancing, it is important to keep in mind that debt consolidation is beneficial. Consolidating other debt into your home loan can help you save as interest charges offered on personal loans are higher than those offered on home loans. Therefore, refinance home loan brokers will suggest you consolidate your debt 

4. Not checking your credit history  

If you decide to refinance your mortgage, it means you want to close your existing home loan and apply for a new home loan. Before approving your new home loan, the new lender will check your credit score. You can also check if you can apply for refinance home loan with bad credit score.  

5. Not getting help from a broker 

A reliable and experienced broker will take time to understand your financial situation. They’ll compare different interest rates and other features when helping you get the best home loan for refinancing. They’ll discuss the pros and cons of each refinance home loan package to help you choose the right one. You can get in touch with Star Homeloans, where we’ll guide you throughout the documentation process to help you understand the terms and conditions.   

How Many Times Can You Refinance Your Home Loan? 

There are no specific rules or limits on how often you can refinance your mortgage. However, you are required to meet the lender’s credit requirements. These will include your credit history, assets, and income criteria you had to pass to get approved for a loan.   

Regardless of whether you’ve had the loan term for six months or 20 years, opting for the refinancing option can be the best decision you can make, and it can be considered whenever your financial situation changes or you feel that your interest rates are not competitive. Furthermore, it is important for you to consider the fees and costs associated with refinancing and make sure these don’t outweigh the savings you may get from refinancing.   

Is Refinancing Home Loan a Good Choice? 

Various reasons are involved in making a decision for refinancing your home loan. Take a look at the following points to justify your decision for switching to a new home loan:  

  • You can refinance your home loan to a new loan with lower interest rates. As a result, it can help you reduce monthly repayments. Ultimately, you need to pay less throughout the lifespan of your loan. 
  • If your property’s value has increased, you can refinance to get better rates. 
  • If your fixed rate period is expiring soon, then your loan will revert back to a variable rate, which is likely to be high. Therefore, you can refinance or switch to another fixed rate.  
  • A cash-out refinance enables you to use the available equity to borrow money at a lower cost.


Most often, people make mistakes while refinancing their home loans. That’s why highlighting those points help homeowners to avoid making those mistakes. Moreover, if you are looking for a refinance home loan mortgage broker in Australia, you can contact Home Star Home Loan.

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