What is the Minimum Credit Score for Home Loans in Australia?

What is the Minimum Credit Score for Home Loans in Australia?

People, who are looking to buy a home, need to secure a home loan first. However, you need to know the minimum credit score required for a home loan. While filling out the loan application, factors like income, occupation, and age are required. One factor that most buyers don’t check is their credit score. Your credit score tells lenders how well you manage debt repayment as this is a loan

What is a Credit Score Needed for Home Loan?

Obtaining a loan may be challenging if you have a poor credit rating or a history of defaults since the lender will charge you a higher interest rate. On the other side, many lenders will be more eager to offer you a loan if you have a strong credit score. Therefore, you must be aware of the minimum credit limit when applying for a home loan in Australia. A credit score lies between 0 and 1000. A higher number indicates that your credit score is excellent and a zero number means you can’t get a loan.

  • Below-Average Credit Score

When your credit score is below 509, you are deemed to be a high-risk borrower and many lenders won’t issue you a loan. They won’t give you one even if they do, and they’ll charge you a high interest rate. If your credit score is under 509, it is recommended that you refrain from applying for a mortgage. Grab short-term loans instead, and work on raising your score.

  • Avergae Credit Scores

A credit score of 510 to 621 is considered ordinary, where things start to go slightly to your advantage. You can apply for a house loan without paying higher interest rates if your credit score is better than 600. But some creditors could still be hesitant to lend you money.

  • Good Credit Score

A credit score above 630 is considered theminimum credit score for a home loan in Australia. You can start the loan application process if your credit score lies between 622 and 725. If you have a good credit score, lenders will be likely to give you a loan

  • Very Good Credit Score

A credit score that falls between 726 and 832 is considered a very good credit score. If you have a very good credit score, then lenders will provide you with the loan you need.

  • Excellent Credit Score

Lenders will think you pose a very low risk of default if your credit score is outstanding (833–1000). Home loans become considerably more accessible when there are more lending options available.

Minimum Credit Score for Personal Loans in Australia

A personal loan is a fixed-rate, fixed-term loan that provides you with the money you require for a number of things, including debt consolidation, paying for an impending wedding or vacation, or other expenses. You can increase your credit history and increase your chances of getting personal loans if you have a high credit score or rating. Personal loan applicants must typically have a minimum credit score to be approved for a loan. This ensures the borrower’s ability to repay the loan. A personal loan with a minimum credit score will probably have a higher interest rate. Typically, the minimum credit score required for a personal loan in Australia is 550. Anything below 550 refers to a poor credit score and it can decrease your chances of loan approval. However, a credit score above 550 falls into the safe zone. Let’s take a look at ratings of credit scores:

  • 549 & below: a poor credit score
  • 550 – 624: fair score range
  • 625 – 699: an average credit score
  • 700 – 799: indicates a good credit score
  • 800 – 1000: an excellent score

The secret is to manage your finances, and this is where a strong credit score originates from outside of just using credit.


The blog shares the minimum requirements of credit score to get a home loan in Australia to buy your dream home. Apart from this, now you also know the credit score requirements for a personal loan. For more information and detailed discussion regarding your credit score to secure a loan, you can get in touch with Home Star Homeloans.

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