Get your First Dream Home with Star Homeloans

    Only a 5% Deposit

    for First Home Ownership

    Put your family in a position to save thousands of dollars invested in paying rent. Buy your own first home with only a 5% deposit. No LMI! No Stamp Duty!

    Only a 2% Deposit

    for Single Parent Home Buyers

    Invest in your child’s future by buying your own house with only a 2% deposit whether you are a first home buyer in Sydney or a previous homeowner.

    Couple buying their first home in sydney

    Excited or Overwhelmed About Buying First Home in Sydney?

    We know it’s a big decision of buying a first home and there may be various risks associated with the home loan. No Worries!! At Star Homeloans, we can make the whole process easy for you. We understand you are making a crucial decision in your life, but trust us this decision can make your life beautiful. We put your mind at ease and make you feel comfortable with the process. We take our job seriously by helping you with the right home loan options. We are Sydney-based mortgage specialists and have helped several clients.

    When it comes to buying first home in Sydney, it is rarely a simple process, but we’ll do the leg work for you. Our aim is straightforward and simple. We want to help our clients to buy their first home in Sydney with a suitable home loan product. We know, as a first home buyer, you will have various considerations and concerns. That’s why we offer various home loan solutions to help you buy your first home in Sydney.

    Is It the Right Time to Stop Paying Rent?

    If you are tired of paying a huge rent amount every week, you must choose a home loan broker to get the right home loan option to buy your own first home. If you are a first home buyer Sydney, and you come to us, we can help you buy a house with a deposit of as little as 5%. You can’t deny the proud feeling of becoming a homeowner, right? Star Homeloans are here to assist you throughout the home loan process.

    A lady with her daughter after buying first home in sydney

    Worried about Being a Single Parent First Home Buyer in Sydney? No Worries!!!

    Getting a home loan on a single income source might be challenging for those who are not aware of home loan schemes. Now, it is easy for single parents to buy their own home to secure their child’s future. With only a 2% deposit, you can get home ownership and give a new lifestyle to your child. Star Homeloans has an amazing opportunity for single parents to purchase their first home in a well-reputed area by depositing only $10,000.

    A lady with her daughter after buying first home in sydney
    A family enjoying in their first home in sydney

    How Star Homeloans Can Help You?

    Walk You Through the Home Buying Journey

    We understand the home-buying process can be overwhelming, but it won’t be with Star Homeloans. Various first home buyers Sydney are looking to buy a home, and we can help you get into your first home by depositing only $25,000.

    Help You Find the Right Home Loan Options

    The most complicated part comes when a single parent has to make all the decisions regarding a home loan. However, with Star Homeloans, you don’t need to worry about it as we’ll help you choose the right home loan option that would match your budget requirements.

    Let You Know About Current Government Schemes

    As a first home buyer in Sydney, you may be eligible for first home owner grant Sydney, stamp duty waivers, and other government grants. And, we’ll help you know about current government schemes to that you may be entitled to save money.

    couple filling the form for first home buying

    Exciting Government Grants for First Home Buyers in Sydney

    Do you know being a first home buyer you can get government grants? It can become complex for first-home buyers to purchase a house if they don’t know where to start. However, with home Star Home loans, the whole process can become simple for you. The following are some grants offered by the government to first-home buyers:

    First Home Guarantee

    If you are a first time home buyer in Sydney and looking to buy a new or existing home with only a 5% deposit, then this scheme is for you. It allows you to buy your first home with a low deposit without LMI.

    Single Parent Grant

    A government grant relieves the burden of a single parent buying a residential home. Any single parent with a child or children under 18 can apply for this grant to buy a house with only a 2% deposit.

    couple filling the form for first home buying
    Let’s Have a One-On-One Meeting

    You don’t need to go through the home buying-process alone. Put the Star Homeloans team in your corner for this much-awaited journey.

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